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In the early nineties when King of the Thing was founded in Lennoxville, Quebec by Julian Reusing – Drums, Mike Dawson – Guitar and John Murray – Bass. We played for many years all over the Eastern Townships and probably the show we did the most was at local Lennoxville bar called "The Lion Pub." Kevin Groves (who owned and stil owns The Lion Pub) had a band lead by him and Jeff Coates called KGB and they also played at the Lion all the time as well. In 1997 Andrew Sudlow joined the King of the Thing replacing John Murray on the bass. Over the years the KGB band and the King of the Thing band went in different directions and all of the sudden the idea came to merge the 2 bands into the new band still named “King of the Thing” but now featuring our new front men Jeff Coates and Kevin Groves originally from the world touring KGB band. Mike Dawson is no longer officially playing in the King of the Thing but has been known to make guest appearances to play some of the classic King of the Thing originals from the 90’s. Today King of the Thing has become an amalgamation of 2 great bands that both rooted from the same town and we play a wide range of songs from KGB originals to King of the Thing originals to Blues to Folk to good old Rock and Roll!

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